​Hi! My name is Annette Muise. I am a 30-year-old wife, mom and holistic detox specialist. I married my high school sweetheart and we have 3 awesome kids, two girls and a boy. We live in Alberta Canada, but have always dreamed of sun and sand! My healing business is an ongoing story of me discovering my passion for natural health and learning how I can share that passion to inspire others in their healing journey. Not only did I learn how to concur my own health concerns but I learned that the body is it's own healer, always working to protect you! It is able to reverse anything if you give it the right tools to do so!

I always had what was considered normal skin. But after having my first baby in 2012, I noticed that I started to break out. I had no idea what was causing the sudden change, so I started researching back then and what I found was to try a gluten and dairy free diet. I did that for a while with no luck so I decided to try going to a dermatologist. He looked at me for five seconds then gave me a prescription for a steroid cream. It never worked...


Then in 2015 I had my second baby, and a few months later the acne came on in full force. I had never experienced anything like this in my life before. My cheeks, jawline and neck quickly became covered in painful cystic acne. I remember standing in front of the mirror for 30 minutes, popping one pimple after another, often times crying because of how I looked and also how painful it was. I hated going out in public or looking people in the face. I was so embarrassed about my acne and I wouldn’t dare leave the house without layers of foundation on top to try and hide it. One day a little girl at my daughter's preschool even said to me "you have a lot of pimples on your face!" My confidence plummeted. This was one of the lowest points in my life.


So I continued to research even more. I switched up my skincare routine, tried some brands targeted towards acne, some natural methods like honey masks and the oil cleansing method, and started buying more natural makeup products, and even stopped wearing makeup all together, but still no changes. (Although to this day the oil cleansing method is still my favorite way to cleanse my face or remove makeup).

One day I heard that there was a health show going on in my city. The day of the event, I rushed right down and purchased a ticket at the door. I talked to almost every vendor in the event, hoping to find my answer once and for all. One of the very last booths I visited was that of a Naturopathic Doctor. What sparked my curiosity was her brochures on acne scar treatments. We started talking and I explained to her my situation, basically telling her I was desperate to find a cure. She seemed pretty knowledgeable and the person who might have the most to offer me. So I booked a consultation with her on the spot.

Our appointment a few weeks later went well, we talked about what could be causing my problem, from internal, external, genetics, pregnancy, childbirth, etc. She told me to eliminate all dairy, gluten, refined sugar and processed foods from my diet, avoid skincare and makeup products with any harmful ingredients, and continue with the oil cleansing method but add castor oil into my routine. She also suggested applying a bentonite clay mask multiple times a week to pull impurities and clean my phone everyday with alcohol. From there we would follow up in 3 months’ time.

After doing this for a while I still wasn’t seeing many changes, so I continued on with my search for the cure. I looked up “foods to cure acne” on YouTube. As I was watching one girl talk about "red bell peppers for healthy skin" I noticed a video on the side bar titled “I cured my acne with raw food.” I had never heard of anything like this before and was very curious, so I watched it. The girl in the video shared her story about all the different methods she had tried to heal her acne, until one day she found the fruit based, raw food diet and finally healed it once and for all. She went on to talk about acidosis in the body and how important the lymphatic system is in healing skin conditions. This sounded crazy to me! Especially the part about eating tons of fruit. I had been taught that eating too much fruit (sugar) was bad for you. This couldn’t be right! But something told me to keep looking down this path.

From there I found a video from a man named Dr. Morse, who explained the cause of acne and skin conditions. He also recommended a high fruit, raw vegan diet to detoxify the body from the inside out. From that point on I was hooked! For the first time, everything he said made so much sense! Unlike other professionals who would promote a certain method, but would still leave me with unanswered questions. What I was now learning was a totally different mentality, but the way Dr. Morse explained it, was like all the pieces of the puzzle finally fitting together! It was quite simple actually, almost too simple to be true, but I believe that's why it was so easy to understand.

Not long after learning about this new healing modality, I quickly gave up all meat, dairy, eggs and any animal products in general basically overnight and continued with no gluten, sugar or processed foods. Very quickly after doing this, I’m talking in a matter of a few weeks, my skin started to clear up! After a few months there were almost no new breakouts on my face! A miracle had happened! It was incredible! I had found the answer! I had found the golden key to finally curing my acne!

In time, the rest of my family followed suit and we became a vegan family, with a focus on an abundance of raw fruits and veggies! I continued to become more conscious of the things I was putting in and on my body and the products we were using in our home, now aware of the harmful effects they have on our health. We replaced our household cleaners and personal care items with non-toxic versions, and I switched over to all natural makeup and skincare brands with clean ingredients, free from harmful chemicals. I also stopped buying clothing made from animal materials, as I became more aware of what - or should I say who - it was made out of.

This quickly became my passion and I wanted to share this incredible information with other people who were also going through similar situations. So I immersed myself in the healing arts, learning as much as I possibly could! I then went on to study through The International School of Detoxification and obtained my certification as a Regenerative Detox Specialist! I always wanted to do something that involved helping people, I just wasn't sure what that would look like! Now, teaching others how to become their own healer and break free from their suffering brings me so much joy! I can truly say I have found my calling and purpose on this earth and love what I do!

Together let’s say hello to living a happy and healthy life!

Much Love,

Annette Muise