Courtney, Stay at Home Mom

Annette is a very thoughtful, caring individual who really listened to my concern about my weight. I never felt judged or pressured. She took into consideration all aspects of my life in her recommendations for me. With her gentle guidance I have lost 100 pounds and counting. She has helped me expand my view on the raw side of food, different flavors and techniques. Annette has really got me excited to continue this journey. She strives to help you find your healthiest you!

Ray, IT Lead

Prior to working with Annette I had a difficult time with maintaining focus and suffered from harsh mood swings. After learning and working with Annette my mood has done a complete one-eighty. I feel more able to deal with unexpected stress and am able to keep a level head. In addition my productivity has changed drastically. I am more able to focus on tasks and I get done what I need to get done. As a result my job performance has improved substantially. I am very grateful that Annette listened to my concerns and met me at my level. Not only did she help me understand what I needed to do but she educated me on why I was feeling the way I was.

Jasmine, Shipping Coordinator

Annette is a great listener and her advice is always amazingly helpful. For me, helping with my rheumatoid arthritis and trying to fight back against the inflammation; to one day be medication free. Ultimately being the healthiest version of myself overall. Annette goes out of her way to ensure she has all the knowledge to allow for a truly customized plan for her clients, while keeping in touch for continuous improvements; whether that be re-adjusting the plan or just being a listening ear during the process and the changes it brings. She is personable, truly caring in every way, completely selfless and 100% understanding and compassionate during the healing process as she herself has gone through many stages in her own self healing process.